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Paper Structure:

The papers will be submitted only using our online system.

You can access the SUBMIT PAPER link on the SUBMIT PAPER page on our web site and completing the Form.

The paper format should be in accordance with the journal TEMPLATE for Paper Submission

1. Paper Title

2. Paper Authors

3. Paper Abstract
3.1. Keywords

4. Paper Content
4.1. Introduction
4.2. Materials and Methods
4.3. Results and Discussions
4.4. Conclusions
4.5. Acknowledgements
4.6. References

1. Paper Title - should be precise and representative for the Article

2. Paper Authors - First Name and Last Name of the Authors

General Rules for Author's name
For each author enter:
1. First (Given) Names
2. Last (Family / Surname) Name
Separate author names from each other by a comma and a space.

* Ignore diacritics, accents, and special characters in names
* Treat two or more letters printed as a unit as if they are two letters
æ ----> ae
œ ----> oe

Materiale Plastice supports the ORCID iD (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) identifier. This is an ID that uniquely identify an author and attaches it all his research work - no more confusion because another researcher has the same or a similar name.
Whenever and wherever the author publishes — his ORCiD iD remains the same (even when the author change his name).

Submitted and verified ORCID iDs will appear on the article: on PDF file, on the website and in the underlying metadata XML submitted to Crossref DOI.

The Authors who already have an ORCID iD can submit it along with their name, when submit your Paper.

Getting an ORCID iD is free and easy to do through the ORCID registration page:
ORCID - Register

Authors of all scholarly works must be accurately identified. Names and institutional affiliations – including country/region – of all contributing authors are required. Persistent digital identifiers (such as ResearcherID or ORCID) or links to institutional profiles may be provided to specify the identity and affiliation of authors.

3. Paper Abstract
An objective representation of the article (200-300 words)

4. Content

The formulas, the ecuations and the chemical reactions will be numbered with arabic digits, in small paranthesis in their chronological order, indicating in the Paper the place where it should be inserted.

The used measurement units (according to the International System) must be clearly indicated.

The abbreviations and the measuring units will be noted in agreement with the valid standards; examples:
Grams – g
Minutes – min
Hours – h
Seconds – s
Litres – L
pH – pH

The Paper will be published on website as PDF file, ONE COLUMN.

4.6 References

- respect our journal format regarding references
- add DOI every time possible
- use original sources, every time possible
- include the newest references
- reference numbers from the text should be direct after corresponding information, not necessary end of phrases
- references should have direct connection with the text
- reference numbers should be consecutive, in ascending order
- be sure all references cited in the text, tables and figures of the manuscript are in the Reference List at the end of manuscript

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