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Materiale Plastice (Mater. Plast.), Year 2016, Volume 53, Issue 3, 533-536

Alina Girbaciu, Cristian Girbaciu, Serban Rosu

Water Quality Modeling of Bega River Using Mike 11

As a result of the requirement to achieve the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive (WFD) in all the member states by 2015, Romanian’s water management policies need to carefully look and consider water quality issues. All waters will achieve a good ecological status, therefore simulation of the existing status of the water bodies and analysis of proper adaptation measures for improving water quality is an important part of the implementation process. Water quality models play an essential role in support of the water management decisions. Present paper presents an application of the DHI tool, Mike 11, for the simulation of water quantity and quality of Bega River. The evolution of a pollutant source is traced both in time and space on a segment of the Bega River, from Topolovat to Otelec. The obtained results show that model is able to capture the water quality of the river, as per the observed values, and it is possible to be used in the future to predict the impact of a certain pollutant on the Bega River. The results of this study show the possibility to develop what-if analyses, which can help decision makers to choose the best adaptation strategy.

water quality; Water Framework Directive; Bega River; river modeling

Issue: 2016 Volume 53, Issue 3
Pages: 533-536
Publication date: 2016/9/30
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