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Materiale Plastice (Mater. Plast.), Year 2016, Volume 53, Issue 3, 512-517

Kamel Earar, Cristina Bica, Diana Cerghizan, Mariana Ilie

The Role of Functional Polymers in the Optimization of the Acrylic Biomaterials Used in Removable Prosthetic Restoration. III. Behaviour of the adhesive used for the multilayer consolidation

The paper represents a third part from the series, and refers to the elaboration of the experimental protocol regarding the use of Iosipescu test in the optimization of the structural-constructive characteristics of the matrix biomaterials for removable prosthetic restoration. The way the samples were consolidated with aluminum plates, at the clamping ends, was established through traction and shearing tests. Based on the theoretical protocol, the following were determined: the shape, size and loading of the Iosipescu sample, alongside with the bridge calibration. The gathered experimental data were used to evaluate the behavior of the CT-1 silicon adhesive. The paper focuses on the design of the samples used for the traction and shearing tests, made out of biocompatible polymer composite materials .Their structural and feasible behavior is influenced by the adhesion between layers, and by the gluing capacity of the used adhesive. The purpose of the paper is to enhance the performance of polymer composite materials, by using a compatible adhesive in creating a finite modeling element for standard single traction and shearing resistance tests. A tridimensional model of a longitudinal sample that underwent stretching and shearing test, while applying quasi centric loads, was elaborated and the main characteristics of the adhesive and of the glued interfacial area, that influence the structural and functional performance, were analyzed.

Iosipescu test; silicon resin; poly (methyl methacrylate); removable prostheses; traction resistance; modulus of elasticity; Poisson’s coefficient; adhesive bond line; finite element model

Issue: 2016 Volume 53, Issue 3
Pages: 512-517
Publication date: 2016/9/30
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