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Materiale Plastice (Mater. Plast.), Year 2016, Volume 53, Issue 2, 211-214

Casen Panaitescu, Mihaela Bombos, Traian Juganaru, Gabriel Vasilievici, Andreea Vartires, Dorin Bombos

Diminishing of Biological Oxygen Demand during Wastewater Depollution by Oxidation with Nanostructured Catalysts

The high content of organic matter of surface waters represents a real danger for aquatic fauna, even if their toxicity is low. Such a high rate of biodegradation leads to oxygen depletion of the waters in question and thus the suffocation of aquatic fauna. The elimination of these disadvantages by using purge technologies of catalytic oxidation may be a viable solution. The oxidation process of pollutants in wastewater that contain glycerol or molasses was performed on nanostructured catalysts based on Fe, Mn and Fe-Mn mixed. The catalysts were prepared by precipitation-coprecipitation of selected precursors and they were characterized by determination of particle size distribution. Measurements for the determination of particle size distribution were carried out using the method of dynamic light scattering. The oxidation process was conducted in a batch reactor equipped with air bubbling system, in suspension of catalysts. Efficiency of oxidation process of wastewater loaded with glycerol or molasses is expressed by biochemical oxygen demand. Compared to Mn or Fe catalyst, the Fe-Mn catalyst favors an advanced treatment of wastewater that contain glycerol or molasses by oxidation with air.

catalyst; nanoparticles; wastewater; oxidation; biological oxygen demand; glycerol; molasses

Issue: 2016 Volume 53, Issue 2
Pages: 211-214
Publication date: 2016/6/30
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