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Materiale Plastice (Mater. Plast.), Year 2015, Volume 52, Issue 1,

IVAN CISMARU, ANTON HADAR, MARIA ADRIANA GHERGHISAN Influence of the Structural Matrix upon the Thermal-Transfer Factor in the Case of the Composite Boards of Hemp Hurds (II)

This paper, intended to continue the previous work under the same title, published in the previous number - aims at presenting the experimental results, obtained by laboratory tests, referring to the influence of the massic percentage of the hemp hurds within the composites, as well as to the influence of the participation percentages of the filling materials (cement, lime, sand, plaster etc.), on the thermal-transfer factor. The experimental results place thereby this composite in a position comparable to other construction materials; which emphasizes the importance of this composite, with a view to its being used as construction material, both as boards (for lining) and as blocks (for filling). The analysis of the experimental results shows that this type of composite can be ”programmed” and ”controlled” in terms of thermal-transfer factor, through the massic participation percentage of the hemp hurds. In this way, one can extend the use of these composites over constructions in areas with variable temperature differences, especially in the cold season. Moreover, by these experimental values, one can devise a methodology for sizing the construction elements, based on thermal-transfer factor to be achieved and, implicitly, on the thermal insulation capacity to be provided by the respective construction. Keywords: composite, hemp hurds, thermal-transfer factor

Issue: 2015 Volume 52, Issue 1
Publication date: 2015/3/30
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