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Materiale Plastice (Mater. Plast.), Year 2014, Volume 51, Issue 4,

Ovidiu BEDREAG, Andra Ramona BUT, Bogdan HOINOIU, Gratian D. MICLAUS, Sorin URSONIU, Petru MATUSZ, Caius Ioan DOROS Using Pig Tracheobronhial Corrosion Casts in Training of the Medical Students and Residents

The tracheal bronchus (TB) in man is described only as a rare anatomical variation, known as the “pig bronchus” or “bronchus suis”. The right-sited TB is normally present in swine. One of the employed method for the training of students and medical residents is the study of corrosion casts. A TB study was conducted on a total of 20 pig tracheobronchial corrosion casts. On the studied corrosion casts the distance between the origin of the TB to carina had an average of 45.1 ± 7.81 mm. The origin range of TB at the level of the right lateral trachea was between 37 and 61 mm above the carina. The mean angle that makes TB with the right lateral trachea ws of 40.29 ± 3.90 degrees with a variation of 15 degrees, ranging between 30-45 degrees. The increasing of the distance between the origin of TB and carina is associated with the decrease of the angle that makes TB with the right lateral trachea. Use of swine tracheobronchial corrosion casts with constant presence of TB, can compensate for lack of clinical material in training of medical students and residents. Keywords: corrosion casts, tracheobronchial system; trachel bronchus, training

Issue: 2014 Volume 51, Issue 4
Publication date: 2014/12/30
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