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Materiale Plastice (Mater. Plast.), Year 2014, Volume 51, Issue 3,

Cosmin Sinescu, Laura Cristina Rusu, Eliza Seche, Paul Cornel Freiman, Emanuela Lidia Craciunescu, Meda Lavinia Negrutiu An Imagistic Approach on Resin Composite Class I Dental Fillings with Improved Adhesive with Ferric Nanoparticles

Dental composite resins already have a history and a vast use in dentistry. In vivo and in vitro research gave precise directions and indications but the tests are not completely relevant. Different clinical parameters cannot be reproduced by in vivo and in vitro research. The evolution of dental materials leads to the use of nano materials. For the present study, were used human extracted teeth on which were prepared class I cavities. For half of the samples had been used normal adhesive and composite resin and for the second group was used nanomaterials- a ferric nanoparticles modified dental adhesive was used and then filled with the same resin composite material. The interfaces generated by hard dental tissue and classical adhesive and adhesive made from nano-particles were investigated through micro-CT imagistic investigation method. With the software VGStudio MAX the 3D reconstruction of the constituents were made. Micro-CT using the synchrotron technology and 3D reconstruction offers important details and of high quality of investigated area. All the samples were imagistic investigated through, X-ray, SEM and EDAX technologies. Each investigation method spotted the defects of the investigated area according to its limitation. Keywords: composite resin, dental adhesive, feeric nanoparticles, micro-CT, X-ray, SEM, EDAX

Issue: 2014 Volume 51, Issue 3
Publication date: 2014/9/30
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