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Materiale Plastice (Mater. Plast.), Year 2012, Volume 49, Issue 2,

Atena Galuscan, Marioara Cornianu, Daniela Jumanca, Alexandra Faur, Angela Podariu, Lavinia Ardelean, Laura Cristina Rusu Evaluation of Marginal Periodontium Adjacent to the Reconstruction Materials in the Dental Prosthetics Study Morphopathologycal and Immunohistochemical

Dental restoration materials act as a local irritating factor superimposed to the bacterial factors, and the inflammatory and immune response of the marginal periodontal tissue leads to replacement of the functional structures with granulation tissue that continues to grow in size, while the subgingival dental plaque is heading to the lateral and apical areas. We evaluated morphologically and immuno-histochemically the marginal periodontium adjacent to the fixed metallic-alloyed prostheses (Cr-Ni), composite resins (Cromasit) and ceramic (Vita-Ceram), but also some of the patients with periodontitis which were not associated with prosthetic devices. By the morphological analysis of the periodontal components we reported structural microscopic alterations closely correlated with macroscopic changes observed during clinical examination. We observed a direct relationship between the proportion of inflammatory infiltrate / collagen fibers according to the type of material adjacent to the periodontal tissue. By immunohistochemical evaluation we observed that regeneration and re-epithelizing process appear to be delayed by: persistent inflammatory infiltrate in the epithelial spurs, the presence of fibrinous exudate, fibro-purulent and blood cells on the surface of mucosa. Immunohistochemical investigation in marginal periodontitis watched the evaluation of the immunoreactivity in the periodontal morphological substrates toward the proliferation markers of the gingival epithelium (Ki-67), as well as the mesenchymal reactions specific to the healing process in periodontal lesions (CD -31). The morpho-pathological changes of the periodontal tissue are more profound in the presence of the dental prostheses than in the patients without any such devices and also the regenerative epithelial capacity of the damaged periodontium is more reduced in patients with prostheses than in those without. Keywords: dental materials, parodontium, imunohistochemistry, morphopathology

Issue: 2012 Volume 49, Issue 2
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