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Materiale Plastice (Mater. Plast.), Year 2011, Volume 48, Issue 2,

VASILE BRIA, ADRIAN CIrciumaru, IULIAN GABRIEL BIrsan Some Properties of Starch/Epoxy Composites

Generally the fillers are used in order to diminish the amount of matrix for a certain composite structure but in the last period fillers are used to change also the basic properties of the material used as matrix, especially in the case of PMC (polymer matrix composites). The actual study is carried out in order to determine the influence of starch over the properties of epoxy resin and is based on the well known fact that starch is creating its own network inside of a matrix. In this case it is possible to talk about a nano-reinforcement of the matrix which might be used to form fiber reinforced materials with better mechanical or thermal properties. Due to its properties starch might be used also to ensure the dispersion of other fillers which generally tend to aggregate as CNT or ferrite and in this case it is necessary to know the upper limit of starch concentration for which the polymer properties are not changed or suffer negligible modifications. Not at least the presence of starch into the epoxy matrix might determine a higher alterability of the polymer making it easier to neutralize. Being easy to functionalize starch might be used as vector to transport positive and/or negative ions inside the polymer matrix via complex combinations which might lead to controllable electro-magnetic properties of the formed material or to multi-functional materials. The thermal, mechanical, tribological and electrical properties of starch/epoxy composites were studied using appropriate methods for materials with various starch concentrations. Key words: starch, epoxy, physical properties, mechanical properties

Issue: 2011 Volume 48, Issue 2
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