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Materiale Plastice (Mater. Plast.), Year 2010, Volume 47, Issue 4,

DUŠAN UZELAC, SINIŠA BIKIÆ, MARKO DURDEVIÆ, ILARE BORDEASU Change of Polyethylene Pipe Wall Thickness after Squeezing Using Squeeze off-Tool

When great damages occur on gas-pipes, a quick intervention is often needed, as close to the place of damage as it can be. That is the reason why recently it has more and more been used a procedure of squeezing the pipe using a squeeze-off tool and thus stopping the flow. After the damage has been removed, the deformed pipe returns to the original shape by using re-rounding clam and the flow is established again. After the above-described process, the pipe is permanently deformed, as far as shape and thickness are concerned. The size of the deformation is important for the assessment of further use of the existing pipes or for determining the parameters for the newly-projected pipes. So far, the researches have been dealing with the hydrostatic and stress states after the squeezing of the pipe. The subject of this research is the decrease of the pipe thickness after the squeezing, and the goal is to help the designers of distributive plastic gas-pipes to determine the pipe wall thickness, as well as to help the managers of distributive networks so that they would know what happens to the existing gas-pipes after the intervention on the pipe. Keywords: sqeeze - off tool, polyethylene gas pipe

Issue: 2010 Volume 47, Issue 4
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