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Materiale Plastice (Mater. Plast.), Year 2007, Volume 44, Issue 4,

Greased Rolling Bearings Deterioration in the Presence of the Electrical Field

Lubrication aspects, in extreme operating conditions, highlights important problems concerning bearings design or greases behaviour management for given operating conditions. The researches that were done in the last period were focused on greases service life and behaviour versus rolling bearings operating conditions but, it must be emphasized, that some particular aspects such as the presence of the electrical fields were less studied. Some results in this specific area were previously forwarded by Prashad who highlighted issues such as greases resistivity modifications with time, particular bearings and lubricating greases damaging mechanisms. Aspects concerning temperature influence on grease resistivity, correlations between greases structural, physical and chemical deterioration and bearings specific failures, in the presence of the electrical field, are questions that must be answered. These problems are very important because electrical rotating machines support bearings reliability is strongly dependant on greases service life and performances. The paper presents some correlations between the electrical field characteristics and electrical motors rotors support rolling bearings greases deterioration based on lubricant’s SEM and raceways microscopical analyses. Starting from these results it can be concluded that rolling bearings deterioration under the influence of the electrical field is a complex phenomenon with effects, both, on lubricating greases and bearings rolling contact surfaces. From this point, a greases deterioration model, in the presence of the electrical field, will be proposed. Keywords: lubricating greases, electrical field, deterioration

Issue: 2007 Volume 44, Issue 4
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